I found your product by doing some research online and I just have to write to tell you how wonderful your Garlic Juice product is for preventing fleas on dogs! I wish you had a testimonial section under that category.

My 8 year old Shitzu has always had skin problems from fleas biting her and she never seemed to get any relief! She was always constantly itching her sides and biting her back, and by the time August came she was at the point of whining at me to let me know that she was uncomfortable. I have spent hundreds of dollars on FrontLine Plus which is supposed to be good, but I have had NO LUCK. I could give her a bath with her Vet prescribed shampoo one day and 3 days later I would have to bath her again just to try to give her some comfort and to get more fleas off from her. I don't have carpet in my home and I have sprayed all the furniture and her bed so I assume she is getting most of them from the yard when she goes out.

I purchased one bottle of your Garlic Juice just to see if it would work and let me tell you...when it came in the mail I mixed 4 squirts into her food that night which she chowed down with no problem. After only about 3 hours I could see a BIG difference in her. She was actually resting some instead of itching and biting all the time. The next morning after she came in from outside she started biting her back just a little so I sprayed just 2 squirts of the Garlic Juice on her morning feeding and then 2 squirts on her night feeding to even it out more. I now do this every day and she has been doing absolutely wonderful! I can truly testify that the Garlic Juice really works on preventing fleas and all natural too! My Shitzu now has total comfort from the pesty biting fleas and I am sleeping at night too!

I do have one question though. Do you know of any stores in the State of New York that sell this or is it only sold online through your website? Either way I will definitely be purchasing more! A big THANK YOU for finding my dog relief!

Rhoda Neal

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